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Generación de exámenes escritos o ejercicios para imprimir.

Como educadores, muchos de los programas de educación a nivel mundial exigen evidencias de trabajo tradicionales como exámenes o pruebas escritas.

En lo personal encuentro a Duolingo for Schools como una excelente herramienta para programar y planear clases, monitorear el progreso de los estudiantes y solo me gustaría que se pudieran generar pruebas o exámenes en versión para imprimir.

Gracias por sus comentarios u opiniones y espero que algún día se pueda incluir un mejora de este tipo.

June 24, 2016



Thank you Profeajan! How have you been testing your students lately?


Yes vivisaurus, we just finished a summer course and we have been implementing duolingo with great results.


Really? That is great to hear! Would you like to share a little more about it?


Hola vivisaurus, I am sorry for not answering fast. This is my brief testimonial, about our very good experience with Duolingo in the classroom.

The course was implemented for high school students, they live in a small town called Silao in Guanajuato Mexico, most of them had zero or small previous experience in a second language. They didn't like it much. but their high school is incorporated to the Guanajuato University System and their program requires to pass two mandatory courses of English as a Second Language.

I never taught English before, since my expertise areas are Spanish and History but they gave me the opportunity because their English teacher quit to move to another state and they were desperate, so I decided to take the challenge. It is worth mentioning that this school had many bad experiences before dealing with improvised teachers or teachers with good credentials but a bad approach, they simply couldn´t connect with the students. Adolescence is a difficult age and engaging the students is a very tough challenge for some.

I have a couple of other personal stories with Duolingo that I can also tell you about later. But the important thing in this story is that I already knew Duolingo and I had used it before with good results. I knew its potential and also how fun and engaging it is.

So the first thing I proposed to the principal and the school board was to get rid of the boring books that they used before and start using Duolingo as our new "virtual textbook". (I was a teacher for 4 yeas in that high school before and they knew that I am very serious about my job, so they trust me) They had their doubts of course but, they decided to give it a try in the summer course for the students who failed the subject that semester.

At the end of the course, they would have to pass a standardized test, so that would be the evidence that would support my idea.

I decided to use Duolingo every day in class. The students joined my class in Duolingo for Schools, I assigned some lessons for the classroom and easy task for homework. I let the program do its magic and I only helped those students who required my assistance with the topics that were more difficult for them.

Then I copied many relevant phrases from the lessons and inserted them on a flashcard creator (I didn't know that Tiny Cards existed until recently) and I used it to practice the last week of the course, to measure the students' progress and review some the most difficult topics.

They spent 15 days working exclusively with Duolingo and another week with me and the flashcards. As I expected, the students didn't ever complain, not a single day, they were very happy in class, which is very unusual, they were having fun competing against each other.

All the classes flowed perfectly well, the classroom felt very relaxed and the final result was very good also. At the end, 12 out of 14 passed the exam with no problem and it was the highest pass percentage in a long time.

Unfortunately, I had to return to Chicago after the summer, for professional and personal reasons and I didn't continue with my great experiment. But I am very sure that if they would have finished all the units using the app. It could have given me the perfect base to continue from there, with all the students at the same level in a small time, I could have helped them to become bilingual.

One day I will return to Mexico to help people and students who want to learn English fun and easy.

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