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  5. "הגברים עונים לנשים."

"הגברים עונים לנשים."

Translation:The men answer the women.

June 24, 2016



The given translation "The men answer women" is actually incorrect. The correct translation is "The men answer the women".


a. That's what I see as given translation.

b. Since in reading the two are indistinguishable, and no further context is given here, both are accepted as a translation when it's a written exercise. If it were an audio exercise only one would be acceptable.


Does this have the same connotation of responsibility like it does in English?


No, this only has the meaning of 'reply' or 'respond to a call'.


Can this also be translated to "The men answer the women"?


Whats the differnce between an עונה and a תשובה


The difference is that עונה is a verb, and תשובה is a noun.


Every day and every time.


What would "the men answer to the women"'s translation be?


Is anyone seeing this same question 3 or 4 times in this lesson? (No variation, the same thing.) I think it's a bug.


In a few lessons the same question is asked 3 times. I think many times the woman talks way to fast. We are learning. She talks faster than the people in Israel.


IT'S not that she talks too fast but it's actually a perception issue affecting beginner and intermediate language learners in their non-native language. Actually the average speed across languages is pretty consistent - including sign language. (Note I said average. I'M part of the evil speed speakers alliance - That's from brain processing (speed talkers & readers), once you are more comfortable you'll still hear Hebrew slower than my English - to compare search YouTube for Ben Shapiro, or see this cartoon of Shapiro speaking clip : https://youtu.be/oj9fNfXYdgk ). That said, try using MEMRISE to hear individual Hebrew words from this course.

Memrise Duolingo Hebrew vocabulary course.
http://www.memrise.com/course/1031737/ (So recommend!


why is there a ל before נשים


Because the verb עונה requires the preposition ל, which means it requires an indirect object.


I keep putting in "the men answer the woman" and it keeps telling me that im wrong even though its right!


But you do have a mistake. It should be womEn, not womAn. It's plural.

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