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"Zwei Unterkünfte hat meine Mutter bislang."

January 29, 2013



I'm not even sure what this means:"My mother has two quarters so far.". It doesn't seem like proper English. Is there a better translation?


Why bother, the German is idiotic also.


Is it? Because my German is poor (hence using Duolingo) I'm not in a position to know whether the German is equally obscure. I'd be interested to know the rationale behind some of the question selections!


Now the translation for English is "My mother has two living quarters so far." and German "Zwei Unterkünfte hat meine Mutter bislang."

At least the English has improved a bit, I don't know if the German is natural or not...


At least it is correct now and I can imagine circumstances in which someone would utter such a sentence. Note that the German phrase doesn't necessarily imply ownership. She could simply have booked/reserved a place to stay.

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