"I ride my bike while they run."

Translation:אני רוכבת על האופניים שלי בזמן שהם רצים.

June 24, 2016

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so is there a difference between בזמן שהם and כאשר הם and כשהם ?


Yes, there is a difference.

l בזמן שהם - while they

l כשהם - when they

l כאשר שהם - more formal for כש, so it also means "when they"


Not sure I get the difference between when they run and while they run. Does it actually mean something different? In my mind, in this sentence it's basically the same.


In this sentence their meanings can be the same, or only similar, depending on context.
"I ride my bike while they run" means that the two activities take place during the same time interval; e.g., I'm accompanying them, or they give me a ride to the park and we go our separate ways but return at the same time.
We can express the same thing with "I ride my bike when they run", but that needn't imply the same time interval; e.g., seeing them go for a run reminds me to go for a bike ride, but I might ride for a different length of time or go riding later that day.

More generally, "when they run" and "while they run" are not always interchangeable. For example, we can't use "while" in "I don't like when they run; I wish they would run during daylight".

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Ani rochevet al ha'ofanayim sheli bazman she'hem ratzim.

Sentence with audio @ https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/16300296


אני רוכב על אופניי בזמן שהן רצות" לא התקבל מסיבה כלשהי"

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אופניים, לא "אופניי"


זה אמור להתקבל. האופניים שלי = אופניי.

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את צודקת, תודה

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