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  5. "הילדה רואָה ילד."

"הילדה רואָה ילד."

Translation:The girl sees a boy.

June 24, 2016



Marked as almost correct because I didn't put the nikkud on the aleph in רואה. The course seems to sporadically require nikkudot on certain letters in certain words, but I can't seem to figure out why. Am I missing something?


what's the difference in pronunciation between this sentence and 'the girl or the boy' (הילדה או הילד )? Because I hear the same thing for either. Does the start of 'sees' have a sound my ear is missing when the guy speaks, because I just hear 'oh'.


I felt the same way. The "r" sound at the beginning is difficult to pick up if you don't already know it's there, since it is a more subtle/guttural sound (think French "r") than in most other languages.


I could not hear the r


There are two very subtle differences, for the letters ר and ה.

For a native English speaker, it takes practice to hear, and even more practice to pronounce, the soft sound of the Hebrew ר which is not like the English r.

At the end of the word רוֹאָה, the ה is silent, so the words רוֹאָה ילד are pronounced "roá yéled". Not hearing the ר leaves the last 2 words sounding like "o-a yéled".

At the beginning of הילד, we pronounce the ה and the words או הילד are pronounced "o hayéled". I have heard some Israelis, though, who make the initial ה silent so the sound would be "o ayéled".

2019-07-13 rich739183


The sound file says "ro(ah)" instead of just "oh". Sometimes the sound files miss the first sound of a sentence, but this one is in the middle and I can clearly hear the R being pronounced. So I think your ears are somehow just missing the R sound ;)


I'm sorry, but I agree with the other person. I am not hearing roah what so ever. This might be another Yannis and Laurel situation.


Keep practising - it becomes easier to hear as you keep listening. Also, the 'r' is not pronounced at the front of the mouth like the English 'r' but more towards the middle to back of the mouth.


It is hard to hear but there is, I can hear it perfectly... the ear have to get used to the r sound


This sounds like הילדה או הילד.


I thought so too. The girl or the boy.


is the רואָה here masculine or feminine? how do I know?


It's feminine because the subject is "she" which is feminine. Another little trick is that you know the word on its own is feminine because anything with the vowel kumatz and then the letter ה it's feminine


It's nikud. Aka dots, in this case רואה רואָה רואֶה. From left to right, male, female, without nikud (what's used in most modern secular Hebrew & written it's implied. Or spoken it's heard.


@Pcoco_priest: Be careful about taking a general guideline and turning it into an absolute rule. Saying "usually" or "almost anything" would have been OK, but "anything" was wrong. E.g., you should be familiar with the word "אַתָּה", and perhaps with "לַיְלָה". And with numbers, that "usually feminine" ending is usually masculine.

Also, we are not experts and when hearing a word that seems to end with the "ah" sound, we might think that it has that typically-feminine ending, and be wrong about either the sound or its spelling.

2020-01-12 rich739183


How can i type the nikkuds using an android phone ?


Why "the girl is seeing a boy" is wrong??


In English, the phrasing 'is seeing' means that the girl is dating a boy, rather than the girl sees a person who happens to be a boy.




The girl sees a boy is a correct answer. My answer was the girl sees a child (ילד). The word yeled (ילד) means both child (neutral) or a boy. It did not accept my answer in this case, but has accepted it in other cases. Is there something about the nature of the question that misunderstood? Can someone help me with this, or can this be rectified?


Ha-yalda roa yeled.


Duolingo, like many apps are missing Hebrew diacritics


How do you type the vowel marks? I am using http://gate2home.com/Hebrew-Keyboard to type.


Does Hebrew use the exact same word order as English?


No. I often got tripped up in Letters 1 with the 'hot bread' question. I would type 'hot bread' in Hebrew but be marked incorrect because it was meant to be 'bread hot'. Hope that makes sense.


הילדה רואה ילד.


why not The girl is seeing a boy... ???


It was already discussed. The verb "see" is not used in the progressive tenses. When it is used, it means "dating", and Hebrew doesn't mean that. So, "seeing" is not allowed as the translation of ראוה in this course, not to allow confusion.


danny, thanks for clarifying the Hebrew meaning, which is essential but not previously discussed.

2020-08-14 rich739183


I wrote it in the gerund form and it got marked incorrect, I know is correct, I speak ivrit


Do you mean "the girl is seeing a boy"? Well, "seeing" in English means dating, and that's not what Hebrew means, so it's not accepted.

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