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  5. "אני שותֶה מרק."

"אני שותֶה מרק."

Translation:I drink soup.

June 24, 2016



It'd really, really help with learning the language if more of the sentences/prompts had audios, because it helps put the vocab to memory. I'm way more likely to remember the word for soup and how to pronounce it than the word for beer (which I've already forgotten), simply because the prompt for soup has audio and the prompt for beer does not.


Thanks to a hint from dieprinzessin I am now using this website for listening to the correct pronunciation: http://de.forvo.com/search/%D7%91%D7%99%D7%A8%D7%94/


thank you!!! i'll use that from now on


Even though in Hebrew you do literally say you drink soup the correct english translation would be I eat soup.


only mizrachim drink soup. ashkenazim eat soup.


What about sepharadim? What do they do with soup? :-)


I'd like to know too LOL !!


You drink soup out of a cup, and you eat soup out of a bowl with a spoon.


Bro :| regardless of utensils, you dink liquids and you eat solids, that is logic. You can drink water using a plate(i know it is absurd but when doing so you still drink water and not eat it)


I hear this as "aNI shoTEM aRAK." Is this how Israelis typically say this sentence? Is there a rule that explains this? thanks :)


Israelis generally say this sentence, correctly, as it is written: "aNI shoTE maRAK". However, as with all languages, when speaking quickly words sometimes run together, and it might sound the way you wrote it.


This is like in Chinese, they also think of soup as a liquid and drink it! (Also it can be weird to ask for a beverage with your soup


"I am drinking soup" is not accepted, why?

[deactivated user]

    Im a sfaradic jew and i speaks hebrew, in my house we used to say in Hebrew i drink soup. and now im married to someone who doesn't speak Hebrew and when i asked him if he wants to drink soup he corrected me to eat soup.

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