"Mom and dad?"

Translation:אמא ואבא?

June 24, 2016

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Eh, it comes differently for each person. I'm a native English speaker and Hebrew is a breeze for me. Just keep on trying though! You'll get the hang of it if you study hard :)


Thanks my dear friend blessings


its very hard to write its going to take forever to learn the alphabet its a real struggle to type and then i make a mistake and then i lose patience


I am coming from the Japanese lessons and writing Hebrew seems like a piece of cake now :D


Haha i cant wait for when it comes to the desktop version i really want to try Japanese i hope i can make it i took a break from Hebrew to focus on easier ones but there is just so much cool Japanese stuff that im willing to work harder for it than with Hebrew


Start writing the letters slowly, on paper, rather than just trying to remember them on the keyboard. This might help a lot.

(rewrite each letter many times and imagine its sound in relation to its shape until you've grasped some rigid sound-shape relation about each letter)


I would agree with you for some alphabets, but the written Hebrew letters don't look much like the print ones. So the one skill wouldn't enforce another much. I found flashcards (i.e. Memrise) to be fairly effective for the Hebrew alphabet. In fact, it's just a matter of several hours. Once you don't make mistakes with the flashcards, it's fairly easy to start slowly using the keyboard.


I found it helpful to keep a chart in front of me with the letters and their sounds and guess how a word would sound before I heard it. It was difficult, but after a while I found that I could normally (>75%) guess the exact pronounciation of new words before I heard them.


It is ok for me... although I have been taking lessons on how to read it with vowels for about 7 years. And writing it is easier in script.


I started with Arabic course here it makes Hebrew easy now


Only if you don't know it


https://forvo.com א - ah וא - oh ו - vehv (v) ב - bet (b/v) ה - he (h) ם - (m) ~m מ - mem (m) It is but I'm taking note while on the course.. And looking for sources and comments for better understanding.


How is ו pronounced when it means "and"?


Ve (sometimes oo)


Because of the vowel shoorook


Would "האם אמא ואבא" be correct?


No, because there's no verb in that sentence.


We do the same thing in English...just imagine that האם is like using "do" or "does" in a question in English. You have to have a verb in the question to use "does", and the answer should be yes or no. Next time you see a sentence where האם is used you can verify this.


There are plenty of questions that include האם but would not fit with do/does in English. In another thread it was said that האם is used to clarify that something is a question vs. a statement.


my machine does not show hebrew letters


Can the app just freaking tell me why? I have no training... isnt that the point? To tell me how this language goes.


I feel you, duolingo doesnt give much background, I see this place more as to practice or learn new vocabulary. Try and look up some places online for how Hebrew works, it follows a different writing system- the abgad/abjad writing system, where they don't include (most) vowels. Take a look at this site for help also: http://www.teachmehebrew.com/


Shouldn't vowels be included to facilitate the understanding ?


I didn't get the problem. .

Most of the things seem well-planned in this course, to me.


How do you get the Hebrew alphabet on your computer?

Thanks in advance.


I have Jewish family so im learning how to speak Hebrew. So far it is very fun, but hard. This is going to be an interesting experience!


How do you get your keyboard to do the other language? Also, once you can get the other language how do you flip back and forth between them?


Different devices do that differently. Since we have no idea what device you are using, google is the best way to find that out.


Why it is ואבא for "and dad"?? instead of just אבא??


"אמא ואבא?" Why


Same question here. Why not "אמא וא אבא" ?


או = or ו = and


Thanks for your explanation


Well i don’t really get why they do that they don’t teach you how to right it I guess


Yeeeeeeeeeet it is ese


I don't have a Hebrew keyboard. How can I type in the correct answer. I'm not given the choice of the wordbank on this particular item.


You need to download the Hebrew keyboard in order to continue doing the course. It can be done in the language settings of your device. Or if you are on a computer, you can do it with a Hebrew virtual keyboard.


Thanks. No such instruction given before I started the course. I'll do that now.


Keyboard does not write Hebrew


You need to download the Hebrew keyboard yourself, from the language settings of your device.


How do I type in Hebrew? and stuck in skip and check repeatedly


There are a number of such questions in this thread, and the answer remains the same.

You can't skip questions. You need to download the Hebrew keyboard yourself, from the language settings of your device.


How do you type in hebrew?


It's already been mentioned so many times in this thread. You need to download the Hebrew keyboard, from the language settings of your device.

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