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How to get to tips and notes for Hebrew?

I just started the Hebrew course and it is telling me to go to tips and notes but I can't find it?

June 24, 2016



I see the tips and notes in the computer browser, but they disappeared from the phone browser. The only reason I also used the phone browser besides the app was to get the notes, can you please add them again for the mobile version?


Try changing your view to "desktop site". The mobile phone Internet page doesn't show the tips and notes.


Should be at the bottom of the skills page once you click on it, or, alternatively when you start the lesson, it will be in the left hand corner.


If you can't find them in places described by Multi0Lingual4 — you're in the test group where Tips And Notes are turned off.


They did an A/B test for Tips and Notes? Why? That's one of the dumbest things I've heard yet.


They did, but I'm pretty sure it's ended now. At any rate, I have a friend who didn't have them, and does now.


Some browsers won't show it, I can only get it using puffin. Or if I use chrome through gmail app. You have to have desktop site not mobile optimised. It doesn't show on apps regardless of your phone. Which is stupid. So, I go to website, printout the tips then use the app.

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