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  5. "העוף הזה מצוין!"

"העוף הזה מצוין!"

Translation:This chicken is excellent!

June 24, 2016



I've put it "This chicken is great" - should be acceptable as well.


Not sure about this. The מצוין really emphasises the excellence of the meal better than just a mere "great" (which of course is still above average).


My guess regarding the difference would be. " taste great" as opposed to "having excellent quality (Grade A)". Would that be two different hebrew adjectives?


There is נהדר which may be closer in this nuance, but I'm not sure it's so different from מצוין. I'd accept "great".


I'm having a problem with this course that it is nowhere near as flexible as Hebrew is in practice

50% of the answers I get wrong are things Israelis have taught me to say or that are just slightly wrong (like this - "this chicken is perfect") which isn't actually teaching me anything. I'm just memorizing which word you use for each sentence.

so that's why I don't like this course

I never learn from it and then go on with my day happier

it always frustrates me

and then I switch languages for a week or two

because this is pedantic chickenshit, and the only pedantic chickenshit Hebrew I like is Bibi.


Is "terrific" not an acceptable translation for מצוין?


I guess there are probably many translations for "מצוין". My Hebrew Teacher from Israel told me that "מצוין" could also mean "special", but "special" is not accepted on duolingo.


This exercise currently accepts only "excellent" and "great". With all of the other adjectives that are superlatives that they reject, I can understand their rejection of "special", which they teach as מיוחד.

b108 rich739183


This chicken is from Zion.


why cannot I say the chicken is excellent?


Because that would be העוף מצוין. The sentence has THIS chicken, so it is העוף הזה


Can this sentence be talking about a pet chicken rather than a meal?


I think you'd use תרניגול for that instead?


Right (but spelled תרנגול).

(Technically, עוף is generally "bird", but if it's a pet bird then modern native speakers would prefer ציפור.)


Doesn't "wonderful" carry the same basic meaning?


Why does metsoy"a"n מצוין change to metsoy"e"net .

Is there a rule for the change in vowels when a noun or verb changes to another gender or becomes plural ?


This is very common:


perfect - mushlam/mushlemet


online - mekuvan/mekuvenet

By the way, it's metsuyenet, metsuyan, not metsoyan/enet.


When do say ha- and when a- for the definite article ?


It's always spelled with a ה but how you pronounce it (either with a -h- sound or without) is generally dependent on regional accent or how old you are. Most modern Israelis won't pronounce the -h- but from my experience the -h- sound is prevalent among the older generation and among non-native Hebrew speakers.


Duolingo doesnt recognize typos anymore :(

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