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Tips and Notes (Basics 1) — small errors in English text

I spotted four errors (missing articles) in the first Tips and Notes (Basics 1):

  • In a Vietnamese sentence, if you see....
  • In an English sentence, if you see....
  • Due to the almost unlimited combinations of pronouns, we cannot add them all to the database.
  • Important: In the Vietnamese language, subject pronouns and object pronouns are the same.

I also saw two spelling errors in the same Tips and Notes section:

  • You will learn about these classifiers in later skills. (not latter)
  • Cái: used to accompany almost every object. (not objects)

Since the section on classifiers is repeated in the Tips and Notes to the Alphabet Introduction 1 lessons, these last two spelling errors are found there as well. I'm not sure why the same note is found in two places. That may be redundant and perhaps confusing to some people.

Kind regards,
Erik Pedersen

June 24, 2016



Hi Erik_Pedersen,

Could you relocate this discussion in the “Vietnamese from English” forum? You'll be more likely to have useful answers there (and it belongs there ;) ). Thx!
To relocate it (\/!\ please, don’t create a new one \/!\), edit your original post then select said forum in the drop-down menu on top-left of the edition area.

Have a look to this short guide to help you knowing where to post your (future) discussions on Duolingo’s forums.


Thanks, jrikhal. I tried to post this comment in the Vietnamese discussion forum as per your helpful suggestion, but the drop-down menu does not list that option. It offers me only "Duolingo," "Troubleshooting", "Educators", and 15 different languages, among which "Vietnamese" is not included.


Even after having reached level 2?


I think it may be in Vietnamese Discussions now, but I could not initially do this earlier because I tried to use a mouse to drag through the forum options. The last option visible to me when I tried to mouse-select it was “Polish.” Only when I had the idea to use my keyboard Down button did the options for Welsh, Vietnamese, Hindi and Hebrew become visible. Whilst in the Edit mode I selected the Vietnamese option, and I hope that this has now succeeded.


Argh, silly display issue. :(
We'll have to be as many as possible to report it through the "Bug Report" form, those forms being read by staff. While they will not answer to it (well, up to some exceptions probably ;) ), because they can't answer to each one, they nevertheless use them (among other criterias) to prioritize their list of bugs to be fixed according to the number of Bug Report forms received for each bug.

I hope that this has now succeeded.

Unfortunately, no.
You can see it on the top-left of the discussion:


I fixed the tips & note section based on your feedback. Thank you so much.

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