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  5. "My mother records me."

"My mother records me."

Translation:Mẹ của tôi ghi âm tôi.

June 24, 2016



Why is it not possible to use 'minh' instead of the second 'tôi' in this sentence?

June 24, 2016


This course is absolutely garbage. Who thought that these are good sentences or vocabulary to use for beginner courses?


In the sense of an audio recording?


And a different question about the same sentence: why is "người mẹ của tôi" not a correct translation of "my mother"?


The mother = Người mẹ My mother = Mẹ của tôi In English don't speak The my mother or my the mother similiar to in Vietnamese don't speak "Người mẹ của tôi", "Mẹ của tôi" is enough.


I used "Nguoi me cua toi ghi am minh" because i didn't want to repeat "toi" but it was wrong, can somebody explain this to me?


First off, you don't need the người, mẹ của tôi is enough. Secondly, using ghi âm mình instead of ghi âm tôi would translate to "records herself" instead of "records me" because the subject of the sentence is "my mother" and mình reflects the subject of the sentence.


Can I say: Mẹ của mình ghi âm mình?


That would mean that she records herself, not that she records you.

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