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  5. "Everyone knows the police."

"Everyone knows the police."

Translation:כולם מכירים את המשטרה.

June 24, 2016



How do you prinounce police ?


So why in a different exercise in DL within this level there is a question "He knows everything in his profession" and the word for "know" is יודע and not מכיר? That is not a bibical "Know". Why the difference?


As AmirLFC wrote, יודע is used about knowing facts. When talking about one's profession, you talk about knowing everything there is to know about your job, which usually talks about knowing facts, information etc.


Culam makirim et hamishtara?


In English "everyone" is a singular noun. Thus the correct translation "Everyone knows the police." instead of "Everyone know the police." which would be correct if "everyone" was plural. Is that not true in Hebrew? Shouldn't the correct answer therefore be כולם מכיר את המשטרה?


Well, this is an example of differences between languages. English uses singular "everyone knows" and Hebrew uses plural כולם מכירים. When translating, you translate it the way it is correct in the other language. So, just like you can't say "everyone know", you also can't say כולם מכיר.

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