"I need twelve white socks and thirteen black socks."

Translation:אני צריך שתיים עשרה גרביים לבנות ושלושה עשר גרביים שחורים.

June 24, 2016

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I don't understand why גרביים לבנות on one hand (as if it's feminin) and גרביים שחורים on the other hand (as if it's masculin). Can somebody explain it to me?


Socks are masculine in Hebrew, so you should report it.

It should be שניים עשר גרביים לבנים ושלושה עשר גרביים שחורים.


Thanks, this is what I initially said! But seeing my "mistake" I was afraid there was a rule that I was missing.


This article ^ from the Hebrew academy says that some words have both genders because their gender changes over the ages. I understood that most people ha prefer one over the other, so it would be weird and out of place in a Duolingo lesson to have feminine and masculine socks in one sentence.


aní tzarích shtem esré garbáyim levanót u-shloshá asár garbáyim shorím.

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