"I am going to meet him in the market."

Translation:אני הולך לפגוש אותו בשוק.

June 24, 2016



why is "להיפגש איתו" wrong in this case and when would it be used?

June 24, 2016


I think it should be accepted. There is a slight difference in the meanings of לפגוש and להיפגש: usually, להיפגש means by design, and לפגוש could be by chance.

June 24, 2016


Would it be correct to think of it as 'I'm going to meet' for להיפגש and 'I'll meet' for לפגוש?

March 2, 2019


As far as my hebrew teacher told me, להיפש implies a meeting, even something official, while לפגוש could be something short or unexpected or anything that you wouldn't call a meeting.

July 11, 2017
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