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  5. "אתה רושם את זה?"

"אתה רושם את זה?"

Translation:Are you writing this down?

June 24, 2016



What's the difference between לרשום and לכתוב? It seems to me that לרשום is used more for jotting down notes, and לכתוב is when you write an essay or book. Is this correct?


But young Israeli teenagers these days use lirshom for both.


Teenagers are bad with grammar no matter the language. Hence "anyways" & "alot." Shudder...


This is how the questions was shown to me:

את זה?__ אתה

I assume it is a glitch in the formatting, but it through me for a loop!

Also I have noticed a lot of answers show the question mark at the beginning of the sentence like the one above. It would be great if this problem could be fixed.


I have this same issue. Also every time I go to the discuss page the phrase at the top is out of order. This one shows as, "זה את רושם אתה?". This does not make sense to me. I think something is getting mixed up from Hebrew being right to left.


Yeah, I've noticed that this reverse word order glitch seems to be for every question. It's annoying and feels like a fundamental issue that should have been fixed long ago or should at least be given a high priority status to fix currently.


I don't hold it against them too much they probably have a lot to deal with. I think some of the problems have to do with Duolingo's website. It does make it kind of difficult trying to learn grammar.


atá roshém et ze?


Why writing down this?


If I understand correctly what you mean, "writing down" something and simply "writing" something isn't the same. In English they seem very close, but in Hebrew two different verbs are used. Think of writing as writing a book and writing down or jotting a recipe or a grocery list.


Why do they have it as "writing down" instead of are you recording this, copying this, making a note, etc? Is it slang? There's no word for down there.


Especially since where else would you be writing it? In the sky? Is this colloquial like "are you making a note of it"?


To me “are you recording this” is a valid English equivalent to the above sentence. Please clarify if why it isn’t.

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