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  5. "בקבוק מים."

"בקבוק מים."

Translation:A water bottle.

June 24, 2016



Usually used as "a bottle of water".

"Water bottle" in English would mean, I think, "a bottle for water". In Hebrew that is not used much, but would be "בקבוק למים"


About that, I was wondering something, Hebrew only uses two joined nouns for "a bottle of water" ? there is no need of a preposition or something like that to express the capacity ? So, will it be the same thing for any expression of this type, like a bottle of anything, or a glass of wine, for example ? By the way, thank you very much for your explanations ! :)


Construct state means putting two bonds together to form an expression of joint meaning.

In English - water bottle

Hebrew - בקבוק מים

The long way still exists

Bottle of water - בקבוק של מים

Bottle for water - בקבוק למים (notice the ל prefix, it's a preposition)


Okay, thank you ! By the way, what do you mean by "construct state", is it a grammatical notion ? Sorry I didn't quite understood. (it might come from a language issue, because I'm french ^^, so sorry if I sound a little ignorant...)


It's a way of connecting two words into one term without prepositions. I'm not sure french does that.

Water bottle is always Bouteille d'eau, with the preposition, right?


okay, ! תודה yes always, the expression of the capacity will always be with the preposition "de".


The Hebrew construct state is when you have a noun modifying another noun.


Thats what you have the word "של" for. It means "of"


One of my favorite phrases!


Damn right! בקבוק sounds great.


אני רוצה בקבוק מים שלי. בבקשה. - I want my bottle of water, please. Is it correct? I thought of creating a longer sentence for myself for the fun of it.


That's very good. Small note :

אני רוצה את בקבוק המים שלי

Something that is "mine" is specific and will be addressed as definite.


Hi Naftali, I didn't understand one thing.. ה is only in מים, is there some rule that when the noun has two or more words the article goes to the second?


In construct state the second part of the construct gets the article.


אהה, נכון, טוב לדעת תודה. :)


I have officially found my favorite Hebrew word and it is bottle.


Bak.., not buck... Bakbuk = bottle

בַּקְבּוּק מַיִם

Bakbuk mayim
(Pronouncing "a" as in "ha" and "u" as in "hula".)

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