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  5. "They know what we do not."

"They know what we do not."

Translation:הם יודעים מה שאנחנו לא.

June 24, 2016



הם יודעים מה שאנחנו לא יודעים Though it's not word for word, does this not convey the same meaning?


I would usually say it your way I think.


The "correct" answer is incorrect grammatically.


הם יודעים את מה שאנחנו לא יודעים– this is correct! why is it incorrect?


It seems that את is required as a prefix to DO מי but not to DO מה. I'm not sure why that would be, but I've seen it enough that it seems to be correct.


Like Remysss above, I also entered הם יודעים מה שאנחנו לא יודעים and was marked wrong. I'm wondering whether there is a subtle distinction here -- native Hebrew speakers or experts needed here please to help us out! I'm thinking Ingeborg, whose explanations are always really clear -- Could it be that my and Remyss's sentence means that they know what it is that we don't know, i.e. the object of their knowing is our areas of ignorance; whereas הם יודעים מה שאנחנו לא means that they know something and we don't know that thing, i.e. the object of their knowing is the object of our not-knowing? Like I say, it's a subtle distinction and I suspect that in ordinary speech there might be more flexibility. To me, מה שאנחנו לא without a verb after it just feels as if something is missing. I await the comments of those whose Hebrew knowledge is way ahead of mine.


I agree, it seems to me like a complete fragment, and I would also naturally say הם יודעים מה שאנחנו לא יודעים. Any clarification?


Why can't both answers be correct

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