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  5. "Is this a fish or a mug?"

"Is this a fish or a mug?"

Translation:Đây là một con cá hay là một cái ca?

June 24, 2016



what is the difference between " cốc" and "ca". It's the same meaning!

May 26, 2017


"Ca" made by plastic, "cốc" made ceramic, "ly" mean glass.


Why Day La and no Cay Nay?


How can you tell the diffrence between a question and a non- question?


The "or" word in Vietnamese can mean "hoặc" or "hay". If you use "hay" then the sentence becomes the question. If you use "hoặc" it is not a question, it just a normal sentence.


Am I correct to assume if you pluralize a word you must also "classifize" it?


Given that "đây " is already in the sentence, is "một" really necessary?


Yes beacause "một" is a, an or 1 and "Đây" is "this". They do not indicate the same thing.


Presumably, if the person addressed knows what "this" refers to, he also knows whether "this" is one or more items. Hence, the question. "Một" makes things clear in this isolated sentence, but I still wonder whether it would always be used in a conversational context where it is logically redundant.


It isn't only "là". It's "có phải là"


I put: Đây là một cá hay một ca?

This was marked as incorrect. Can someone explain to me when we would use the classifier? I though that since we are saying "một" for one or a, we would not need con or cái? Isn't this like saying "Is this a the fish or a the mug"? Can someone clarify this? Thanks!

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