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  5. "המלך רואֶה יונה."

"המלך רואֶה יונה."

Translation:The king sees a dove.

June 24, 2016



Am I the only one who doesn't hear "ro'ah"? For me it sounds more like "Hamelech o'e ijuna"...


It is ro'eh because of the gender. It is ro'eh for masculine gender and ro'ah for feminine gender.


Yeah, sure, I got it. I just can't hear it.


It sounds like "hamelech ro eyonah"; the way it's divided is tricky.


I can't hear the ר either.


You can't hear the resh ר cause it has a "gh" sound similar to french "r" or arabic "غ"


me too. I can't hear it


I dont hear ro'ah either.


You're not supposed to. Ro'ah is the feminine conjugation, whereas ro'eh is the masculine conjugation. As the subject המלך (ha'meleȟ) is masculine, the verb must have the masculine conjugation.

You should hear "ha'meleȟ ro'eh yona." Good luck!


I don't even hear any sort of R sound in this, which is why I came here seeking out how to pronounce it. I hear "ha'meleȟ oh yona."


I have played this sound bit a lot, the voice actor doesn't pronounce the r sound at all! According to what I read, historically, the r sound in Hebrew was supposed to be a trilled R like in Spanish but it ended up being like R in French or German. I am familiar with French and German and their R's... What we have here is total omission!

What I hear is Amelekh oe yonah!

Like in the fable or story where the king parades naked with his exquisite garments....and everyone has to agree that exist or else... I will imagine that there is an R sound but I really know that in this sentence: there ISN'T one! Lol. ;)


Yes, he does pronounce it and yes, there is an R sound there. It is like the German or French R, but because it is in a different language, maybe that's why you can't hear it correctly. Just keep at it and it will get easier.


Danny, Thank you for responding. I can actually hear it now. It is like a guttural R because it sounds to me as using back of the mouth. Thank you!


Can someone help me?

How do I type nikkud on the ״א״ in iOs? I keep failing this lesson because i can't find a way to add it :(
I can add nikkud to other letters, like ״וֹ״, ״ךּ״ etc... But the option doesn't show up when I press the Aleph :c


You're not supposed to try to type nikkud. We have a bit of a problem whereby on listening exercises it tells you that you're only "almost correct" if you don't include nikkud. We hope Duolingo can find a solution to this, but as long you get the rest of the letters right it should still give you an "almost correct" and not mark you wrong.


I typed the king saw a dove. Duolingo marked it wrong. Why?


Saw is ראה ra’a. Sees is רואה ro’e or ro’a.


I'm not hearing the r at all this is the second one that I assumed was the King OR a Dove


I also cannot hear any sort of "R". None whatsoever. It sounds somewhat like "W" or even "V", but certainly nothing resembling and "R".


ha-mélech ro'é yoná.


I typed it without niqqud and it was wrong even tho technically its right?


i cant here the word רואה


Our king here is keen to spy out all malicious beasts.


Why it doesnt accept "is seeing" and insists on "sees" as correct?


"See" when used in the progressive (is seeing) means a different thing: המלך יוצא עם יונה. Ie. He's dating one.

Or... Visiting, as in, "When are you seeing the doctor?". But רואה is always "see", simple present tense, or "can see": אני רואה אותך - I can see you.


Oh thanks for nice point about "seeing" vs "can see" vs "see". I didn't note this point.


It reminded me of our King of Kings (Yeshua) and the Holy Spirit descending from Heaven as a dove!

Then our Father said: "Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased."


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