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  5. "His daughter loves him."

"His daughter loves him."

Translation:ילדתו אוהבת אותו.

June 24, 2016



גם: הבת שלו אוהבת אותו/ בתו אוהבת אותו


Even better. בת is a better translation for "daughter" than ילדה.


You should suggest it. It is most definitely correct.


Then you may use the suffixed form בִּתּוֹ [bito].


I put ביתו אוהבת אותו (I don't know if the yod is meant to be written or not) and it said "Typo". But I thought ילדה = girl and בת = daughter.


The academy suggest that, if the base form has no [i], you do not add a Jodh in the inflected form: לֵב [לב] (lev) stays לִבִּי [לבי] (libi) my heart, so that the stem word is still recognisable. Therefore בַּת [בת] (bat] is still בִּתּוֹ [בתו] (bato) his daughter. But as many people do not follow these rules, you are free to write ליבי or ביתי too, if you like.


Would people usually say בת or ילדה?


Well, בַּת should should more specific express the family relation, but they are actually quite interchangeable. Also the other way round, like מַה הַהֶבְדֵּל בֵּין לְנַשֵּׁק בֵּן אוֹ בַּת What is the difference between kissing a boy or a girl.


ילדתיו ילדתו Can someone please help me understand the difference - thank you


Well, ילדתו is "his daughter" (pronounced yaldató) and ילדותיו is "his daughters" (pronounced yaldotáv). The way you wrote it ילדתיו is not correct. You need the vav.

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