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  5. "הוא לובש מעיל צבעוני."

"הוא לובש מעיל צבעוני."

Translation:He wears a colorful coat.

June 24, 2016





Same, seems 2016 people were the same as 2020 people


joseph wore כתונת


((I think you have an unnecessary vav))

And if you want to be even more precise, Joseph wore כתנת פסים. The exact meaning of which, when last I'd heard, is still open to debate.


The vav is sometimes added to imply shuruk or kholam when there is no nikud, even though the word is originally spelled without.


is מעיל really just coat, and not jacket too?


I don't think we make a very clear distinction. We do say ז'קט sometimes.


Really it's the same way in English. A jacket might imply something lighter weight like a windbreaker or even suit jacket (which for men is also sometimes called a "sports coat" which really goes to show how interchangeable they are!) but yeah, I'm assuming it's similar in Hebrew where you're going out and ask if you need a מעיל or ז׳קט and regardless of which you call it, it's understood and you may even call the same coat both, right?


It can vary between different speakers. There are items that everybody would call מעיל. Some people don't use the word ז'קט at all and call everything מעיל. And people who do, can put the line in different places. It's also about function maybe, if it's clearly a fashion statement it's more ז'קט, if it's warm the chances of being called מעיל increase. And as I write this it occurs to me that this may be the reason why the word ז'קט is less frequent, the weather is not often compatible with wearing jackets as fashion statements. :-)


I think you gave a better description than I did even of how the words are used in English too, although more interchangeable. Jackets are definitely fashion statements a lot, and in the Northern US where we have lots of snow and winter I'm more personally inclined to call a heavier coat I'd wear in winter a coat and have other fashion type pieces I would call jackets, and a jacket is also what I'd wear in the fall or early spring but there's also the joke here that once it's 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit we wear shorts here so, very different climate (though so far summer has been very hot! I imagine I'd probably suffer in a place like Eilat where it's so hot almost all the time!)

Anyway, תודה


It's a poor judgement call to mark jacket as incorrect


wow it's Joseph


I thought it was a "vegan coat"


close! טִבעוֹנִי = vegan צִבעוֹנִי = colorful


Joseph - God shall add <3


It was red and yellow and green and brown and blue.


וקוראים לו יוסף!


The idea of a colorful coat derives mostly from the Septuagint, χιτῶνα ποικίλον, although that is one way of understanding the text that refers to a long tunic: המעיל של יוסף היה כתנת פסים


I wrote he wears a colorful jacket, and it marked me wrong because it wanted coat. That's so dumb; they need to work on the English for this app

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