"A little cat."

Translation:חתולה קטנה.

June 24, 2016

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I think that's what I tried: חתולה קתנה. It told me it was a typo and gave the masculine form. Oh! I used the wrong "t". Gets me every time!


What about חתלתול?


That would be translated as kitten.


It's an adjective exersise, so I think it's implied that small cat should be used, not kitten


Wouldn't this translate as "A cat is little" since "A little cat" should be חתול הקטן?


No, חתול הקטן doesn't work, it doesn't translate to that. It goes like this:

A small cat - חתול קטן

A cat is small - חתול הוא קטן

The cat is small - החתול קטן

The small cat - החתול הקטן


Because it's not "the small cat".

If there is no "the" in English, there won't be ה in Hebrew.


i get confused why ה is added sometimes and not other times. Can someone explain why there is an ה on the end of חתולח and another ה on קתנה please. Is it just something you have to remember when it goes on or is there some handy rule?


Adding ה at the end usually makes the noun, and especially adjectives and verbs feminine. So, חתול is a male cat, חתולה is a female cat. The same way, קטן is masculine adjective and קטנה is feminine adjective.

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