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  5. "You like my father."

"You like my father."

Translation:Dych chi'n hoffi fy nhad i.

June 24, 2016



If I use "Ti'n hoffi fy nhad i", would this only be considered wrong as it's not 100% grammatically correct because I've heard so many people miss the "Rwyt" from the beginning of the sentence.


I guess so. Its the same as writing "chi'n hoffi fy nhad i". I'd expect welsh speakers to understand what youre saying, but its not correct


Why not "t'in hoffi fy nhad I"?


If you want to use 'ti', the verb must be 'rwyt'.


Sure, but it can be omitted in colloquial use. The dialect taught in the 'Say Something in Welsh' course (Northern version) consistently omits 'rwyt' in this kind of structure. Examples:

Ti'n siarad hi’n dda iawn - You speak it (Welsh) very well.

Ti’n gwneud yn dda iawn - You're doing very well.

As taught in Say Something in Welsh (North), the verb does usually appear in questions in the ti form, but not always:

Wyt ti’n licio siarad Cymraeg? - Do you like speaking Welsh?

Hei, ti’n iawn? - Hey, are you ok?


This course follows the forms used on the introductory DysguCymraeg course for adults in Wales.


Great, thanks for the explanation.

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