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"Dych chi'n nabod ein perthnasau?"

Translation:Do you know our relatives?

June 24, 2016



Perthynas comes from perthyn ("kindred, relation, relative"), which was borrowed from Latin pertinēo ("I extened; I belong; I tend to"), origin of English pertain.


There are many dialects in Wales.' Ain ' is better for ein , as in ancient


The pronounciation of 'ein' is 'eeen' here, and, on forvo, both ' eye-n' and 'ey-en'. Sorry - have forgotten all the phonetic symbols gor these sounds so this is not very helpful! But there are 3 distinct and different pronunciations just in these two apps. Are all 3 used? Maybe even more are? Some more than others?

Any advice on which to aim for?



Audio not so good. The "n" of "ein" seems to have disappeared.

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