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  5. "Alys yw eich priodferch chi."

"Alys yw eich priodferch chi."

Translation:Alys is your bride.

June 24, 2016



Sudden onset amnesia prior to the wedding must have been an issue


That's what I was thinking!


Is Alys a typically Welsh spelling of Alice?


Shouldn't the system count answers which transcribe Alys into Alice, when translating into English, as correct?


No you don't tend to translate the spellings of names. If I met a girl called "Alys" I would spell it as "Alys" in both English and Welsh, and if I met a girl called "Alice" I would spell it the same in both languages as well.


I don't understand when to use yw and when to use mae. I would have put "Mae Alys eich priodferch chi"... you can see why I'm not rushing on to the next units yet!


If you are using the emphatic pattern, which is usual when saying what someone's name, job or role is, the thing being emphasised comes first in the sentence and is followed by ydy/yw:

  • Alys yw eich priodfrech. - Alys is your bride.
  • Meddyg yw Alys. - Alys is a doctor.
  • Chwaer Dewi yw Alys - Alys is Dewi's sister

Mae is used to start a simple, unemphatic sentence:

  • Mae Alys yn hoffi nofio. - Alys likes swimming

Ydy? is used to start a simple question:

  • Ydy Alys yn hoffi nofio? - Does Alys like swimming?

There are other patterns in which one of mae and ydy/yw is used ratehr than the other - keep looking through the course notes for examples and explanations as you start each new section.


Nid yw hyn yn fy ngwraig hardd!


*Nid hon yw/ydy fy ngwraig hardd! By using "hyn" you suggesg that your wife is plural.


Or abstract! XD


Can I get any other kind?


Isn't eich the group pronoun? In which case, does this sentence suggest she is marrying multiple people? Xxxx


Eich is either plural or formal singular "your", so it can be used in reference to one person to whom you wish to show respect.


I was just marked wrong for translating Alys to Alice in Welsh to English translation. Yesterday I was marked wrong for not translating Alice to Alys in English to Welsh translation. In my view neither was wrong. Names do not have to be translated. It is a matter of choice for the person.

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