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  5. "הגבר והאישה איטיים."

"הגבר והאישה איטיים."

Translation:The man and the woman are slow.

June 24, 2016



What's the transliteration and masculine singular form of איטיים please? thanks


Singular masculine - איטי (iti)

Singular feminine - איטית (itit)

Plural masculine - איטיים (itiyim)

Plural feminine - איטיות (itiyot)


I was under the impression that instead of saying "v'ha'isha" you would say "va'isha," or is that colloquial?


The prepositions ‘be’ and ‘le’ combine with the definite article ‘ha’ as follows:

‘be’+‘ha’ contracts to ‘ba’


‘le’+‘ha’ contracts to ‘la’


The conjunction ‘ve’ does not contract with the definite article ‘ha’.



my advice: forget about any form that's not ve. ve is the only form used by hebrew speakers, and most of us dont even know when other forms should be used.


Do they use it on the news?


Yes. But even there they sometimes get it wrong. As a speaker who's familiar with the rules, I find it funny that a lot of times people say U when they want to sound formal, but then they use it randomly and sound foolish. (:

As I said, stick to ve and you'll be perfectly fine.


As a well spoken Englishman I have to bite my tongue when I'm tempted to say 'oo'! I want to be 'proper' but I also want to be normal ;)


How would you say the slow man and women?


If איטיים is plural, what is singular?

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