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  5. When are more stats coming?


When are more stats coming?

I'd love to view charts showing how my vocab has grown, or how my day to day progress has fluctuated since I started.

Stat nerds need lovin' too!

January 30, 2013



Wait until your number of words you've learned crashes to about half. That is a great stat!

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In French we changed what we show- rather than counting up all of the different conjugations of each word you know, we group them together. The number you have now is more representative of how many words you really know.


I think this is what happen too. I see people at the family level with 900+ words while I am at places with 437. Now, I just really don't mind but it was a real shock to see this happen.


Did this happen recently? If so, can you give us more details?

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