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  5. "שוטרים עובדים במשטרה."

"שוטרים עובדים במשטרה."

Translation:Policemen work in the police force.

June 24, 2016



This doesn't make sense in english.


Why not? Certainly the police force contains policemen as well as other administrative and staff workers.


I think of it as:

"The (police) officers work for the (police) force."

I notice this course uses a lot of sentences that sound senseless in English, like "I have four ducks and the ducks," but the Hebrew version has gender so it doesn't sound like a crazy person talking, it's just specific in a way English isn't.


Should be work for


Nope, "in" works just fine in English. I serve "in" the military, etc.


I think "in" works fine for "serve", as in "serve in the military", but "work in" just doesn't sound right. It should be "work for" the police or "serve on" the police force. "Work in" would be OK for the place you work, such as "I work in the police station", although "work at" might be better.


In the military is referring to the organization as a whole. You can work for the military in a variety of roles. It's not equivalent. Police force refers only to police officers, not the organization. A military version would be Navy seals work in the Navy Seals. Army chaplains work in the chaplains. A group of police officers = a force. You can't work "in the" people.


Yes, should be either "Policemen work for the police" or "for the police force." The word "in" makes no sense.


I said "on" and it was marked wrong, but that's often how it's expressed in English. "He's on the police force."


Is "שוטר" a direct equivalent of "constable" or can it have other applications?


I think the point of this sentence is to try to show the difference between the Hebrew word for the individual police person and the entity in or on or for whom that individual works. The English sentence makes complete sense to me, an English native.


I was completely unaware that policemen work in the police force! I thought they work in the fire department!


Is there a word for policewomen?


Yes, שוטרת (shotéret) - policewoman;

and שוטרות (shotrót) - policewomen.


Shotrim ovdim ba-mishtara.

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