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  5. "Dw i gartre gyda fy mam."

"Dw i gartre gyda fy mam."

Translation:I am at home with my mum.

June 24, 2016



I've always thought that "mum" was fairly normal British English, but "mam"? Is that more specifically a Welsh English usage?


You hear both 'Mam' and 'Mum' in Wales.

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Mam is very commonly used in English in parts of Wales where Welsh is still spoken as a community language or where Welsh was recently used as a community language.


Very interesting rmcode, I didnt know that.


In the valleys where welsh isn't often spoken or the first language 'mam' is often used for mum

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Is this really a 'plan' or future tense? Surely, this is 'present' tense and seems a bit odd/confusing in the first lesson a topic called 'plans' intended to introduce how the future tense is used to discuss future events?

I was similarly confused as to how to make the previous question, 'Ydy hi ar gael nawr?', fit with a future tense.

Surely, it would better, or at least less confusing, to have these later in lessons in a mix of tenses rathar than here when the use of the future tense to talk about plans is being introduced and there are only two lessons anyway? It seems a bit if a wasted opportunity.

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