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  5. "ספר עצוב."

"ספר עצוב."

Translation:A sad book.

June 25, 2016



So, if I understand correctly "הספר עצוב" would mean "the book is sad", the only difference being the definite article ה in front of ספר?


Just to be clear - עצוב can be used, then, just as 'sad' in English, to describe both a felt emotion and something that causes it?


Is ר pronounced just like the german R in "Reise"?


So, from the discussion on "Bad dog!", it follows that the only reason this is "A sad book" instead of "a book is sad" is because the latter is illogical?


No, you need a copula to express "a book is sad", typically ספר זה עצוב.


Is this correct? To say 'the sad book' = הספר העצוב, and to say 'the book is sad' you'd say הספר עצוב?


I guess I was getting mixed up with pronouns--which don't require the copula, right? Are they the only thing that doesn't? For example in an "x is y" sentence? Then you have "the x is y" and "the y x," where x is the subject and y is the adjective... right? Guess I need to study more :)


You need a copula when equating a noun to another noun, ספר הוא חבר. You also need it to express that a noun is an adjective, but only when the noun is indeffinite - הספר עצוב would be a whole sentece, the book is sad, no copula necessary, but ספר עצוב is just a noun phrase, sad book.


Awesome, thanks!


Incorrect Correct solution: ספר עצוב. Meaning: A sad book.

I got that when I put "a sad book" could this be fixed? any one on the @duolingoteam


I don't follow. What exactly is the problem? What is incorrect?


I wrote "a sad book" And it marked it as incorrect.


It may have been a glitch or something. Or maybe you should have written Hebrew and you wrote English instead. That happens to me from time to time.


Isn't resh supposed to be pronounced somewhat like "r"? I consistantly hear "l" for all words on Duolingo.


I believe it is just the isreali accent


please provide Hebrew alphabet - key board - same with the Greek

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