"Nasz młody kot pije mleko."

Translation:Our young cat is drinking milk.

June 25, 2016

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What is the word for kitten in Polish?


small cat= kotek young cat = kociak, kocię, kociątko

I do not know many cats but I think while kocię and kociak are literal translation for kitten, kotek is often used. Kociątko- is a diminutive from kocię.

Also kociak is a word for pretty girl/young woman. ( like chick )
and kotek is an often used endearment used for both genders. (like honey)


Once again the only errors I had were All the phrases spoken by the woman.
And I had a hearing test this morning and my hearing is fine.


I've just listened to the recording for this sentence and it seems fine to me.


Why is "Our young cat drinks milk" wrong?


It is correct and accepted, it should have worked.


So not a kitten? More of a yearling?


I don't think that "młody kot" is very specific. We actually accept "kitten" instead of "young cat" here. I'm not sure if we should accept "young kitten" or if it's too much of a pleonasm...


It IS a bit like saying 'baby infant', but if you said 'young kitten' I would understand. but regardless, I'd stick with either 'young cat' or 'kitten'

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