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  5. "Nasz młody kot pije mleko."

"Nasz młody kot pije mleko."

Translation:Our young cat is drinking milk.

June 25, 2016



What is the word for kitten in Polish?


small cat= kotek young cat = kociak, kocię, kociątko

I do not know many cats but I think while kocię and kociak are literal translation for kitten, kotek is often used. Kociątko- is a diminutive from kocię.

Also kociak is a word for pretty girl/young woman. ( like chick )
and kotek is an often used endearment used for both genders. (like honey)


Once again the only errors I had were All the phrases spoken by the woman.
And I had a hearing test this morning and my hearing is fine.


I've just listened to the recording for this sentence and it seems fine to me.

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