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  5. "Questa è una patente?"

"Questa è una patente?"

Translation:Is this a license?

January 31, 2014



Oh dear! My correct translation of "Is this a licence" was marked incorrect in favour of "Is this a license". In English as opposed to American English the noun form of licence is licence. If it is written "license" it is the verb form which might work in America but not in other English speaking nations. I can see an argument for accepting both but not for disallowing a perfectly correct answer.


Agreed. "Licence" is the correct English spelling.


So annoying. Reported on Oct 19, 2014. Let's see how long it takes to fix it. Doubly annoying because, even if they think it's wrong, they would usually count one letter off as a "typo" anyway and not as incorrect. Grr.


Wow. March 20, 2015, and still not accepted!


Still not accepted Nov 5, 14... wish it was!!


yes, and it's still wrong so I reported it yet again. What is the point of being able to report mistakes when they never seem to fix them?


'Licence' accepted March '16.


I've reported this twice now.


Licence still not accepted on 01.11.2014


8 April 2019 - DUO after 5 odd years, this error has still not been corrected, despite so many English people pointing out the mistake. Whether it is a patent or a driving permit, as a noun the word should be written with a "c" i.e "licence". Confirming that in English it is only written with an "s" i.e. "license" if it is a verb. Reported. Duo please review. Thank you.


Not an error in US English, it's license for the noun too. See the following: https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/dmv/dl Of course, both should be accepted as correct.


I've also reported this a few times!


Still not accepted 13 January 2015


not accepted 14/1


Not accepted as of 2015-02-24.

Y’all can’t spell for ❤❤❤❤!!


"Licence" still being indicated as incorrect 21st. March, 2015!


The correct translation was given as "Is this a license?" Whereas my answer was "Is this one a license?". Am I incorrect? How would you say the latter?


In Italian "questa" could mean both "this" and "this one". To underline "this one" you could use "questa qui" or change the order to "È una patente, questa?"


Subtle difference in the meanings of those two sentences in English, the way I see it. "Is this a licence?" is asking if this single piece of paper in front of me is indeed a licence, (or is it something entirely different, like a concert ticket). "Is this ONE a licence" suggests that of a number of pieces of paper, you are indicating one piece, and asking if that piece is the one that is the licence. And yes, I am aware that I am spelling licenCe with a C. The noun form of that word can (should!) be spelled that way, it is only the verb form that uses an S.


13.05.15 Licence is still being marked as wrong when it is perfectly correct


"Licence" still not corrected !!

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