"The girl is eating rice."

Translation:הילדה אוכלת אורז.

June 25, 2016

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ha-yaldá ochélet órez.


The word "אורז" is related to the Spanish "arroz", although it comes via Arabic, not Hebrew.


no se como se pone la letra tav en el teclado. me pueden indicar por favor. yo hablo poco ingles y nada hebreo. mi idioma es espanol


Tav esta donde la coma en ingles (acerca del צ')


I understood the question in spanish, but not the answer. What determines if there is a final tav?


The question was about the location of the letter tav on the keyboard and the answer was that it is found where the comma is.

There is no final tav - it has only one form. There are only five letters that have final forms - kaf/chaf כ/ך, mem מ/ם, nun נ/ן, pei/fei פ/ף and tzadi צ/ץ.


En la aplicación de los teclados Samsung,escoge el de Hebreo. Alli lo encontraras.


Allí encontraras la letra.


Allí encontraras la letra.


Why do they include the aleph before the ו that makes the "o" sound?


Without aleph, vav would be pronounced "v". Aleph is usually silent and is good for attaching different vowels.


Technically, it is not silent, but is a glottal stop, i.e. the opening of the wind pipe here when the word starts with a vowel.


בת/ילדהi thought they were interchangeable


In casual speech, I hear the word בת used to refer to a female person, and the word בן used to refer to a male person. I'm guessing that this may be to avoid the age distinctions of girl vs woman or boy versus man.


Sounds like 'orez' in romanian


I can't type in Hebrew. Can this be changed in the tests? There is no Hebrew keyboard.


You should download and install a keyboard with the Hebrew characters. A search on the Internet will get you the info for your device.

Another, slower, option is to use a website such as Google Translate or DoItInHebrew, as if you were translating FROM Hebrew. You can copy what you've typed and then paste into DL. I recommend using their standard Hebrew keyboard, so that you'll learn the layout for when you install a Hebrew keyboard. (The alternative is using phonetic typing.)

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