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"He is in the most guarded prison in the world."

Translation:הוא נמצא בבית הכלא השמור ביותר בעולם.

June 25, 2016



הוא נמצא בבית הסוהר הכי שמור בעולם, was not accepted


Hu nimtza be'veit ha'kele ha'shamur be'yoter ba'olam.


הכלא??? How is it pronounce? Audio please.


It is הַכֶּ֫לֶא.


Must it be "ביותר" and not "היותר" ? [What controls the choice, " בעולם" or "השמור" ? Or does it not matter?


Well, I thought you use הַיּוֹתֵר after a definite noun with a comparative: בְּבֵית הַכֶּ֫לֶא הַיּוֹתֵר שָׁמוּר in the more guarded prison, but בְּיוֹתֵר for the superlative בְּבֵית הַכֶּ֫לֶא הַשָּׁמוּר בְּיוֹתֵר in the most guarded prison. Notice how the word order differs.


Why is the verb "נמצא" necessary? Can you not indicate location with simply "-הוא ב"?


Well, it is not necessary to add נִמְצָא to express being located at a place, but worthwhile learning as an expression, which is counterintuitive for English speakers.


And it really helps to slow the pace of the speaker, adding more time for a learner to keep up. I feel that נמצא also fleshes out the sentence as well.


And I, personally, would always catch the נמצא which would tell me immediately that we are talking about something or someone being located somewhere. Even if I am missing other words from a fast or sloppy speaker, this one would help me a great deal.

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