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Polish in New York City and Washington D.C.

I've always been fascinated by the idea of big metropolitan cities to be "melting-pots" for various cultures and nationalities, since the biggest cities I've ever been to are Washington D.C. and Orlando, and yes, I would count Washington D.C. to be metropolitan. I plan on traveling to Washington D.C. this summer and NYC in the fall. But aside from that, I am linguistically curious, which leads me to my first question, "Is Polish commonly heard D.C.?" I also ask this first question, because I have only been exposed to certain parts of the city, rather than the city as a whole. Second, when I researched the number of Polish speakers in the United States, the results were quite depressing, I saw over the decades that the numbers of Polish speakers were decreasing rapidly. I dug for more information and discovered that Polish can commonly be heard in Chicago, another place I would like to visit, but I didn't see many results about the Polish language in NYC. So my second question is, "Is Polish a commonly spoken language in NYC?" I researched this question, and from the little information I found, the results were different, possibly submitted by people who had only experienced certain parts of the magnificent city. So for people who have experienced the broad land area of NYC, I ask you: ""Is Polish a commonly spoken language in NYC?"

June 25, 2016



For NYC it is easy. Just go to Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It's very easy to get to. You can go to Williamsburg (which is a very cool hipster area) and walk up through the small park to Greenpoint. Greenpoint is also cool (it is where the HBO show Girls is filmed) but I has a massive Polish population. I used to live there. You will see Polish everywhere and more than half of the population is Polish. In shops and restaurants on that street you will hear Polish spoken more than anything.


I have several good friends from Poland in Long Island, but I'll say this... Chicago is definitely the USA's largest community of Polish immigrants, but def NYC has tons too.


Nice! I knew Chicago would have many Polish immigrants, due to pictures of many Polish shops and restaurants along streets and avenues in Chicago.


Its slowed down a lot since 2004 though since Poland joined the EU the polish people have flooded to other EU countries so get to Chicago within the next 10 years before it all fades away!


Oh I definitely will go to Chicago soon! The crazy thing is that after the UK leaving the European Union, where many Poles immigrated, they may disperse to other European countries or even a large wave may come to the US.

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