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  5. "הברווז ישן איתנו."

"הברווז ישן איתנו."

Translation:The duck is sleeping with us.

June 25, 2016



You should give this duck a name. I beginning to feel this creature will accompany us throughout all the lessons. Soon we'll know its habits as well as our own pets.


Is this Joey and Chandler's duck?


Haha the chick and the duck - התרנגול והברווז


Could this also be translated as: "The duck is old with us"?


First of all, I'm not really sure what that would mean... Second of all, as far as I know, when talking about a person/animal you don't say ישן for old, you'd say זקן. I believe ישן is used for objects... Third of all, in this sentence, the word ישן is pronounced "yashen" which means sleep. To say "old" you'd need to say ישן with the nikkudot so that it's pronounced "yashan". I'm not sure how Duo expects us to know what nikkudot it intends, though, unless we're just supposed to infer it from the context (which can sometimes be difficult because sometimes Duo gives silly sentences that you'd really never use....) I apologize if I wasn't so clear, this is hard to explain... Good luck!


Old is זקן and duck is ברווז


I'm starting to think that a QUACK wrote all this silly content.


I don't think that's sanity. Fowl (such as ducks) can spread disease such as salmonella.


I don't think a name would be enough, we have dogs,cats, monkeys, etc. I feel we are in a zoo!


Not to mention the lion that ate a child and then ran off.

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