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  5. "המלך רואֶה דרך."

"המלך רואֶה דרך."

Translation:The king sees a way.

June 25, 2016



Could דרך also mean "way" in the metaphorical sense, or is it strictly a physical roadway/driveway/carriageway/etc.?


yes can mean both. "i see a way to do it"


The "ר" sound in any word, but specifically in this case "רואה" shouldn't be more like a strong uvula sound? In Duolingo's pronounce it sounds more like "א", and not like "ר"... I've missed twice this question, because the pronounce doesn't seem correct for me. Thanks!


the audio is sometimes confusing


Is the last letter in the sentence supposed to sound like ח ? That threw me off a bit.


The last letter in the sentence is a form of כ, the form which occurs at the end of a word. In some dialects, fricative כ and ח sound the same. Or so they say; I couldn't tell you if that's really what's going on here.


Thanks for this. I'm so confused by hebrew alphabet, a lot of letters sound the same, like כ,ח,ק and ך. I also often confuse א and ע and sometimes even with ה. Haha! Need more practice I guess.


The audio sounds nothing like the expected answer.


Ha-melekh roe derekh.


This combination is so common that the moment I had read the first two words I immediately gave my answer. It kind of defeats the purpose of the exercise.


המלך רואה דרך


Hi everyone how are you ? I want to Thank ,who invented this app .

Its very helpful and every time make you to study more

Thanks and nise to meet you here


I'm very well and I hope you are too. I agree, this app is a blessing.


Dear Duolingo employees, I have written exact the same line as fhe corect one and I have a screenshot. Unless starting now we should start using Nikkudots which I still don't use because you don't require me to.


Do you mean that you wrote the exact same line as the correct one and they marked you wrong or that they said you have a typo? They also told me I had a typo when I wrote exactly what they did, but I think they did so because I used no period.

By the way, I think that Duolingo employees don’t read comments on these forums; you should hit the flag icon and mark the box which says my answer should be accepted.

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