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  5. "הילד לא רואֶה דרך."

"הילד לא רואֶה דרך."

Translation:The boy does not see a way.

June 25, 2016



Is the audio for רואה almost entirely missing for anyone else?


I agree. I cannot hear ראוה. Beginning to think hebrew speakers expect listeners supplement missing words. Just like my wife does.


I agree with you!


Please use the link above to hear the pronunciation of the verb: to see. It would become much clearer than the present speaker presenting this sentence. This reminds me of a situation of a Spanish-speaking island where R sometimes is pronounced as an L... (not by all of them) You get used to it after a while.

So I used the link provided above and the the female speaker said a more intelligible sound like ro'e, ro'e.....then, on more examples another speaker said it with an almost "g": go'e sound.

This variation of the R sound in present examples could possibly be attributed to the influx of Jews from different geographical areas who were exposed themselves to the sounds of the main dominant languages of the land they lived in. Fascinating!


I kind of make out "oh'hey". Can't make out any ר at all.


Yes. Sounds like הוא


The pronunciationis really difficult to make out. Am I the only one who can’t make out the ‘ר’ sound?


It takes practice to hear the ר. You'll get the hang of it.


I also don't hear it. These cases are teaching me that if I hear the 'oh' sound first in a word then there might be a consonant that is dropped ahead of it.


What's the difference between דרך and צעדׁ? I heard both but I still can't see any differences... Is דרך like English in the sense that 'way' is both the physical "road" and also the metaphorical "way of doing things"? Thanks in advance!


Do you mean http://www.morfix.co.il/%D7%A6%D7%A2%D7%93 ?

I believe that yes, דרך can be used in both literal and figurative ways. :) It can also be the preposition 'through'.


Thanks neatnate. Could you give me an example or two of how to use it as a preposition? Thanks in advance...!


אני רואה את הרחוב דרך החלון = I see the street through the window

האריה קופץ דרך החישוק = The lion jumps through the hoop


This is funny cause s3d and drk in arabic both means ro ride XD


ha-yéled lo ro'é dérech.


in almost every lesson you translate ילד as kid ---I would always use the word boy -- this time I used the word kid as you suggested and it is considered a mistake ? Is there a special reason for the choice of the word ?


The word ילד can be either boy, specifically, or child in general. You shouldn't have been marked wrong for using kid.


It can be all the meanings as in English - a way to walk down in (a path, a road) or a way of doing things - they are trying to figure out a way of solving the equation, and the boy doesn't see a way.. Hope it helps :)


what characters make up derech?


I hope this helps: דרך


it sounds like a blending of לא + רואֶה
Muffled - reported on 06/07/2020


Actually, the recording is rather clear. לא רואה are connected, as is normal when speaking, but it's not muffled. Try using headphones for the audio. It helped me a lot in the beginning.


OK, thanks. I'll try that. :-)


What is the meaning of "way"? That word means quite a few things in English...


So does the Hebrew word דרך.


I do not hear the ר sound - is that a problem with the recording or is something interesting going on in the phonology of the language?


They both should be heard (and I hear them clearly here...)


OK, I probably just don't have a good ear for this sound in Hebrew yet. I can hear it more clearly in most other examples.


Doesn't should be correct if does not is.


The boy is pessimistic, but that aside, the speaker sounds like he says Lo-ho. Guess I better read through the comments. Is the resh silent? Or is this just ultra casual speech?


Why is "The boy is not seeing a road." not correct? Colloquially, it would be a good option to say "The boy is not seeing the way." But aren't both correct?


I put in "the boy does not see a road," and they marked it correct. Maybe they consider "is not seeing" incorrect; it is kind of awkward in English.


This should be correct.


I wrote it exactly right,I forgot only the points under the א but I cant write them! How can I make this question correct?


Does anyone have promplems


I didnt fishing answering the exercise


I write it correctly, but the app marked wrong q:


I think cause they speak quickly people aren't hearing רואה. I grew up learning hebrew so I know what to expect by reading so I can hear it, but if I didn't see the words I'd have to repeat the audio.


I agree the audio for האה is almost missing


it is a useless sentence. i do not know any native speaker who will say this.

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