"The woman finds her mirror."

Translation:Người phụ nữ tìm chiếc gương của cô ấy.

June 25, 2016

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For "The woman finds her mirror" I wrote "Người phụ nữ tìm thấy cái gương của mình" but Duo says one of the correct solutions is "Người phụ nữ tìm kiếm cái gương của mình". As far as I know "tìm (kiếm)" means to search and "tìm thấy" means to find. So my solution should be correct and one of the correct solutions is wrong, isn't it?


I agree with your comment. I was taught tìm thấy to mean find.


What chiếc mean? If it is a classifier. what classifies?


it is quite similar to the general cái.

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