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  5. 13th Serbian lesson: Family 1


13th Serbian lesson: Family 1


  • mother- мама (f.) (Slang: кева (very rude))

  • father- тата (m.) (Slang: ћале (very rude))

  • sister- сестра (f.)

  • brother- брат (m.)

  • daughter- ћерка (f.)

  • son- син (m.)

  • grandmother- баба/бака (f.) (Бака is the word often used by children.)

  • grandfather- деда/дека (m.) (Дека is the word often used by children.)


  • That is my mother.- То је моја мама.

  • My father is a teacher.- Мој тата је учитељ/наставник.

  • I have a sister, two brothers and three daughters.- Имам сестру, два брата и три ћерке.


MinjaRadojko helped me with this lesson.

As you noticed, I have added an examples part.

June 25, 2016



Dobar dan i hvala!

I don't know if you're still making these, but I wanted to let you know some of the links do not work. I was gathering links for a discord group for several of us trying to learn Serbian and I was very excited when I found your list of lessons! I hope you see this and can get them fixed.

Vidimo se, nadam se! ♥

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