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Mots / paroles

What is the difference between 'mots' and 'paroles'? When should each be used?

June 12, 2012



I'd just like to add that "paroles" (as oschwimer says) can be translated as "words" but usually in a more literary sense. It is frequently used to mean "lyrics," but can also be words of a poem or words that someone said, if you're being a little bit whimsical/humorous or formal or something about it.


I concur with milneyj.

There is also "la parole" = speech in the sense of ability to speak. "Prendre la parole" : "take the floor" (in a meeting).

You may find the word "paroles" used in traditional sentences where english would use "words" : "Ce ne sont que des paroles" : "These are only words".


Mots = words, paroles = lyrics. The usage is the same as in English.

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