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  5. "לילה טוב!"

"לילה טוב!"

Translation:Good night!

June 25, 2016



Is לילה masculine?


yes, even though it gets a "ות" ending in plural


Because nouns declense based on their ending and not their gender?


Noun endings and sometimes middle parts change according to their gender.

Kelev, dog, is a masculine noun, and the plural, dogs, is klavim. -im is the masculine ending and you can see that the middle part changed also.


But how XD ? I mean the noun ends with ה and the plural has feminin form too. Plus in aramaic and arabic they have the same word "layla" and in both languages layla is feminin.

I can't have an accurate or even easy access to aramaic, but as well as i know, in arabic: the word ליל ليل is singular masculin, its plural is ليالٍ ליאלי. And לילה ليلة is singular feminin, and its plural is ليلات לילאת.

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