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English for Hebrew speakers

Hello, I want to open a new course to teach English to Hebrew courses. Duolingo opens new courses based on demand and willingness to contribute, so I want to know how many of you are willing to help me in this endeavor :).

June 25, 2016



Hi Itay, the current course will be reversed once it's stable. :-)


So now it is stabled. Will you make a reversed one?


When you do start working on the reverse course, please inform me, as I would really like to contribute


It's not a "new" course, just the interface is being translated.


So, any news on when the "reverse" course will be done or how someone might help to make it sooner? I see Israeli children around me using Duolingo's Hebrew course as a way to learn English, which is better than nothing, but sometimes silly (e.g., they don't get to hear any English pronounced - and sometimes they get exercises like typing a Hebrew phrase they hear ;-)). Would have been so much better if they could use the reverse course. Since all Israelis learn English, the reverse course could have a large number of users.


No, it's up to Duolingo, not up to us. Probably not before the current course is stable.


Is the course stable now? :)


im learning the english course for japanese speakers to learn japanese!


As a native Hebrew speaker who unsuccessfully tried to complete the 'Hebrew for English speakers' course, i would highly recommend against reversing the course over creating a new one.

The reason being that current Hebrew course content is simply not up to par with other DL courses;

The words and sentences aren't well curated/planned for a HSL/ESL course, Uncommon, even obscure words are taught instead of the ~2000 common ones, sentences are badly chosen, which leads to misleading/unhelpful learning experience and overall isn't a good implementation in the Duolingo platform.


I agree to some extent. We rushed to release it into beta. We're working on removing/adding sentences and words. Don't forget, this is the 2nd longest course on DL, so naturally it was the most difficult to compile.


Maybe the course can be improved by contributors when it's online. I'm ready to be one.


Children don’t need it to be perfect


I'm really hoping for a hebrew for russian speakers. ^_^


I'd love a Russian for Hebrew speakers one, you absolutely need some Russian knowledge in Israel


Than request it.

It might be done if enough people vote for it. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/15014194


This can really happen. Lots and lots of Russians reside in Israel, you just need 1 to pick it up


Happy to help supporting English for Hebrew speakers!


Same! I am happy to help developing an English for Hebrew speakers course.


me three! I already volunteered, so now I'm just waiting.


I volunteered two days ago, i sent a request for the incubator.


What is the status on this? Can we help make this happen? We have many Hebrew-speaking kids yearning to use this to ramp up their English skills. Thank you.


In the meantime, if your kids can read English already (e.g., are in 4th or 5th grade), you can tell them to try the reverse course (Hebrew for English speakers). My kids love it. But of course, it would be better to have the non-reversed course.


You don’t hear any english on that course


I can't help with the course since I'm a total beginner in Hebrew, but I would definitely like to take this reverse course once it's available. So תודה רבה in advance to those of you offering to create it.


I would like to help you build this course


When you say when the current course is stable, what does it mean?


is there an estimate when English for Hebrew course will be available?


Hey! Can the course be reversed already? It will be great for children. Tens of thousands will download the app and rate it five stars


I'm ready to contribute to English for Hebrew speakers too!


I saw the course in the incubator, but without any contributers.. https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/en/he/status

ראיתי שיש באינקובטור אנגלית לדוברי עברית, אבל זה נראה שאף אחד לא התחיל לכתוב אותו


I saw the course in the incubator, but without any contributers.. https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/en/he/status

ראיתי שיש באינקובטור אנגלית לדוברי עברית, אבל זה נראה שאף אחד לא התחיל לכתוב אותו


Hi! I'm more than happy to dedicate my time and mind to this endeavor! I think that there's a lot of Hebrew speaker who will enjoy learning English using Doulingo.

How can we make it happen?


I will gladly help.


I saw the course in the incubator, but without any contributers.. https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/en/he/status

ראיתי שיש באינקובטור אנגלית לדוברי עברית, אבל זה נראה שאף אחד לא התחיל לכתוב אותו


Is there any update on this course? I would love it for my kids...


The course of "English for Hebrew speakers" will open sometime?


What's up with this course? There is many people in Israel who do not know how to speak English because they never learned it in school, but who wishes to learn it. Duolingo could be a great benefit to them. Please try to get this up and running. I would contribute if I could but my Hebrew is not good enough.


I agree! My wife would really like to strengthen her English and there aren't tools as good as Duolingo out there! I know that tons of Israelis would love that! I'm willing to contribute (Native Hebrew speaker with good English).


Not even sure how to work process here works but it can be super cool to add some stuff here for sure for english for hebrew speakers!


On the flag next to your profile you can go to add a course, then at the bottom of that page there is an option to contribute to a course


I too would love to contribute to the Hebrew to English course. I tried applying for it in the incubator I think around two years ago, and never received feedback. I also tried to follow the guide to request it but either the forum structure in Duolingo is very convoluted or I'm out of touch with the times. Even getting to this thread/forum took googling even though I tried navigating beforehand (maybe because Hebrew isn't a language I'm learning/learning from?).


I am very happy I was waiting for this course

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