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  5. "Wine is my alcohol."


"Wine is my alcohol."

January 30, 2013



How do you "hear" the difference between "Le vin est mon alcool" and the phrase "le vin et mon alcool"?


"et" et "est" have a slight difference of pronunciation.

"et" is pronounced as the "é" in "café".

"est" is pronounced as the "ai" in "lait".

Try google translate to get used to it, I just tried and I can hear the difference pretty well with it.


Why "Le vin..." is the solution? The english sentence does not contain "the" before the wine. Why "vin est mon alcool" is not correct?


The use of the articles a/the are mandatory in French, but not in English. Because of the pronouciation rules in French, skipping the last letter(s), you can't tell if it is plural or singular without the article le or les. Skip the "le" and you are using incorrect grammar (and probably confusing the listener).

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