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"C'est ma nouvelle robe rouge !"

Translation:This is my new, red dress!

January 30, 2013



In the fast recording, you hear "mes," which would make everything plural, but in the slow version you hear "ma," making it singular. I usually try both versions.


Yup, I try to avoid the slow one just because I think the slow version does not help practicing on a practical level. BUT, i got it wrong. Definitely heard mes instead of ma. Slow version clearly pronounces ma truly. Dunno if this is Duo's fault or if this difference of slow vs fast is an expected difference.


I had to listen to it several times till I got it correct


Glad to see that I am not the only one. I hear a quite distinct difference between the fast and the slow version.


would you use ma instead of mon here because the dress is feminine or because you yourself are female?


Because the dress is feminine!


I noticed that the adjective In French comes after the noun, but here there was two adjectives one before and one after, Why? and what is the grammar for it ?


because everything having to do with beauty, age, number, goodness, or size goes before the noun. i like to remember it as the acronym BANGS


I heard "c'est 'van' nouvelle robe rouge"


Ha! I heard "c'est mal nouvelle robe rouge" and it said I was correct!


I agree with the comment below - the fast and slow version show different words - mes or ma.


why do I get cut off with a wrong answer before I can complete my answer?

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