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I know that there are plenty of posts like this....

i know that lots of people say 'this helped me so much!' or 'i got an A on my (insert language here) test!' however, this did dramatically help me. i did french for 3 years, but it was at a kindergarten level, so no putting together sentences, etc. the one good thing is that i could count to 100. then i stopped that class and didn't really do french for two years. started up french again this school year. first semester was at a kindergarten level, but we put together sentences. then my friends introduced me to Duolingo. now that this semester we are doing a workbook from 3rd to 8th grade level, i needed this a lot more. i've found that i don't retain as much information from the workbook, but from this, i can easily remember words (still working on sentences) and enjoy this a LOT more. Thank you Duolingo for making a site that helps me learn.

January 31, 2014



Duolingo has helped me as well ;) quite a lot.


hahahahaha same profile pic XD


i like Duolingo too, it makes it go sorta into game format so it is easier to learn, you do not feel that it is boring... it is very fun.


YAY! someone i know is responding to my post!

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