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"אני רואֶה את הילדים וכולם שמחים."

Translation:I see the children and they are all happy.

June 25, 2016



In וכולם the כּ turns into כ?


In formal speach and in writing, yes. In daily talk nobody bothers and it sounds pretentious if someone does.


Ha, pretentious? Really? It's that formal?


It's very formal.


This is a very cheerful sentence.


Does it technically mean "and everyone's happy"? Such that you could be talking about two different groups here " I see the kids, also, everyone is happy". If so how would you link the second half to the first half of the sentence? "והם כולם שמחים"?


I think כולם is literally something like "all of them", so here it really does refer to the first subject הילדים, not a general ambiguous "everyone".


חוץ מההוא ששונא את כולם


It's חוץ ממנו not מההוא

EDIT: Although in this context, it should be חוץ ממי


Non Hebrew speakers who want a run down of this: "חוץ ממנו ששונא את כולם"- Not grammatically correct Saying what I said translates to "except for that one who hates everyone", just maybe in a slight slang-ish way of saying it. "חוץ ממי ששונא את כולם"- That's a more general way of putting it, as in "except for the one who hates everyone" In this case, the way I worded it is the correct way in this situation, specifically since I was referring to a sentence in this lesson that stated "I hate everyone-אני שונא את כולם" (Native Hebrew speaker going through the course for fun)


They are all=all of them?


Is there a default on duoling that "I" am a male? Because I've only seen one fem "I", even though there are 2 male and 2 female voice-overs.


There is no default gender. Both of them are used regularly. It just depends on what sentence randomly comes your way. Bear in mind thsf masculine is also used for neutral speech, so in general it is used more, especially in the plural. Don't worry, you'll encounter more feminine verb forms as you go down the tree.

Also, there are just two voice actors - one male and one female.

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