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  5. "התפוז או התפוח?"

"התפוז או התפוח?"

Translation:The orange or the apple?

June 25, 2016


[deactivated user]

    Fun fact: the word תפוז was created by the Academy for the Hebrew language from the words תפוח ("apple") and זהב ("gold").


    The audio says /hatapuz o atapuakh/. I still can't understand when to say the h in the ה (hei) and when not to pronounce it. I see in the second hei there's a vocal context, because of the או. Does it assimilate the velar fricative when this happens. I also still don't understand why sometimes it is used in the beginning of the phrase and when it's not.


    A native Hebrew speaker posted in another thread that the "ה" should be pronounced but that in fast, informal speech it is sometimes not pronounced, or not pronounced strongly. Even at the beginning of sentences, I've noticed it not being pronounced. I've been practicing the sentence after reading your comment and I found I would elide it too after the "או" when I was speaking fast.


    How do you say תפוז and תפוח?


    תפוז = Ta-pooz תפוח = Ta-poo-akh


    תפוח = ta-POO-ach

    You must pronounce all three syllables


    Ha-tapuz o ha-tapuakh?


    התפוז או התפוח

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