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"אני עדיין לא יודעת למה הוא אומר את זה."

Translation:I still do not know why he says this.

June 25, 2016



In the tips & notes, it says that when question words are used as conjunctions, you need to put a ש at the beginning of the next word. Isn't the question word למה being used as a conjunction here, or am I missing something?


There should not be a ש, I'm not sure what is meant in the tips & notes. Do you remember an example?


"When using question words as conjunctions, ש is essential: I go where you go אני הולך לאן שאתה הולך"

Is it just some question words that require it?


Oh right. It's not just about which question word. אני יודעת לאן הוא הולך doesn't require ש. I think it's a different type of conjunction. I don't know exactly how to define the difference, I will have to think about it, or maybe someone else knows the answer? Definitely למה never takes ש, but לאן and מתי do sometimes. Also איך.


"ש" means that and "כי" means because. If you are saying "I know that he..." you would use " ש" as the conjunction, but to say "it is because he...", you would use "כי".

This appears correctly in Chrome, but messed up in the app. Sorry I can't figure out how to make it readable in the app.


This sounds like it's a song! The flow of the words is very rhythmic and melodic.


"Still I don't know why he says this" I though, it could be right as well?


I think it's right, but it stresses the "still" more strongly. If you want to have the same stress in Hebrew, you can do the same and put עדיין in front. So I think it's "less right", a bit.

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