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"I do not have time because I am working."

Translation:Nie mam czasu, ponieważ pracuję.

June 25, 2016



Why "czasu" instead of "czas"? Why "poniewadz" instead of "bo"?


"ponieważ" and "bo" are interchangeable, both should work.

"czasu" is in Genitive because of the negation.


why doesn't it accept "dlatego" instead of "ponieważ"?


"dlatego" on its own is like "hence", "therefore".

"dlatego, że" is a synonym of "ponieważ", and it's accepted.


why weren't we introduced to the use of ze with dlatego?


"dlatego" is introduced in Conjunctions, lesson 1. There are some sentences with "dlatego" as hence/therefore/that is why, and some with "dlatego, że", meaning "because". Maybe you didn't get any of those with "dlatego, że".


when and why do I need to use dlatego with ze


"dlatego, że" means "because" and is equivalent to "bo" and "ponieważ".

"dlatego" itself means "that is why".

Jestem głodny, dlatego jem kanapkę = I am hungry, [that is why/hence/therefore] I am eating a sandwich.

Jestem głodny [dlatego, że/ponieważ/bo] niczego dzisiaj nie jadłem = I am hungry, because I haven't eaten anything today.


Thanks for your great help. I know you have said that these are interchangeable, but are there any general rules at all about when to use each one?

Maybe older/younger people use one rather than the other, or perhaps more/less formal? Just interested :) Dziejkuje

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